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About us

We are a charity set up to sponsor people from within the Western Coastal Region in The Gambia who want to train to be a teacher. The cost of the training is beyond the means of the people we sponsor. Our interest in this project stems from a holiday in March 2012. We are based in North Wales. Our visit to the Mansa Colley Bojang Nursery School resulted in us wanting to support the children by helping to provide them with qualified teachers. Muctarr Bojang was our first contact in The Gambia and the person responsible for setting up Mansa Colley.

In February 2016 we returned to The Gambia and as well as visiting all of our teachers in their schools, we attended a meeting of the Early Childhood Development Association (ECDA) Executive Committee, a group of headteachers in the Western Coastal Region. We are delighted to report that we now have a thriving partnership with the ECDA who select teacher trainees on SAGT’s behalf. The ECDA also carry out a number of other welfare matters supporting our teachers throughout their training. More recently, the ECDA have begun to provide training days for the SAGT students on matters that have arisen as they have visited the teachers in their schools. This also allows the teachers to meet and share their strengths and support one another beyond these sessions. This is a further example of how the primary aim of SAGT is to facilitate Gambian people to work with Gambian people to improve the quality of education in the schools we work with and beyond.

Steve, Sue, Nigel, Peter and David
(The Trustees)