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We are extremely grateful to you for your donation, whether large or small. It is our intention that every penny or Dalasi (GMD) goes to the people you intended to receive it, to pay for their fees at The Gambia College and to provide a small monthly stipend.

We have been successful in registering with the Charity Commission in the UK and are able to now claim Gift Aid directly. This ensures that no fees or admin charges are taken and all money goes directly to SAGT, including Gift Aid, which is not the case, when donating through Virgin Money Giving. If this interests you please contact us at to get further details.

Donations can no longer be made via Virgin Money Giving as they are closing in November 2021.

The cost of training a teacher has changed a few times in recent years for two main reasons: firstly the shortening of some courses from 3 to 2 years to make a rapid increase in the number of teachers available and secondly the nature of the qualifications is under review. However, as a guide 3 year courses are approximately GMD 12,000 per year and GMD 7,000 per year for the 2 year courses.  In GB pounds this amounts to approximately £1100 and £750, over the period of the 3 or 2 year training course. These amounts can vary depending on the exchange rate. Inaddition, a monthly stipend of GMD 1,000 is paid to all students sponsored by SAGT. At the time of writing, (Oct2021) the exchange rate is GMD63 to the GB pound.

It is fair to say that the increase in teachers seeking qualifications is having an impact on the developments of training at the college. Also, SAGT, under normal circumstances, is the second largest supplier of teachers to the college after the government … a true measure of the success brought about by our sponsors and our links with the ECDA.