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Early Childhood Development Association (ECDA)

SAGT is in partnership with the ECDA. The ECDA or Early Childhood Development Association (West Coastal Region) has a committee of headteachers who support the work of SAGT in The Gambia and carries out some agreed functions. The ECDA liaise with SAGT following the selection of suitable candidates for sponsorship and then monitors their progress, providing support as and when necessary. The ECDA also manages the sponsorship funds within The Gambia on behalf of SAGT, specifically the paying of college fees and providing the monthly stipend to sponsored teachers.

ECDA Meeting


The ECDA scheduled their first ever training day for SAGT teachers on the 3rd November 2018. The areas covered were lesson planning, classroom management and record management. All SAGT teachers were invited and there was a good attendance. This is another example of how sponsors are supporting Gambian people to develop Gambian people, which is a fundamental part of the work of SAGT.

Teachers at the ECDA / SAGT training day in November 2018