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12 months on – April 2013.


Well it’s been a year since our visit to The Gambia in March 2012. In that time the trials of setting up a charity have been challenging. When working with UK institutions inorder to support people in an African country there are many cultural and organisational difficulties. Important checks have to be made and this takes time. As the news section outlines, a journey needed to be made that we never anticipated.

At last, we are able to press ahead with all our ambitions to help provide teachers for children in The Gambia. A number of people have been really key to this progress and we thank them for their time, generosity and support.

So…we enter year two and Jack and Fatoumatta are busy in their third term at Mansa Colley Bojang Nursery School. In all our time dealing with the organisational issues, we have been driven on by knowing that they are working with children in The Gambia. Indeed, their college reports show they are both doing really well with their studies.

As I write, there are new classrooms being built, thanks to the support of others and the building skills of the locals. The future looks bright at Mansa Colley Bojang School, but there is more to do. Thanks for your interest!