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Back from a trip to The Gambia – February 2014

Steve Lewis and Peter Clanchy got back from a one-week visit to The Gambia on 3rd February. They had a busy time, with Mucki packing in as much as possible to make the most of their time there. Steve and Peter spent several days at Mansa-Colley Bojang Nursery School, meeting our four sponsored teachers, Jack, Fatoumatta, Charlotte and Fatou, and seeing them working with the children. They also met up with Matilda, the school’s Head Teacher, and other staff. Everyone was very welcoming and the impact of the charity was plain to see. With four teachers in training, plus Matilda and an additional qualified teacher, Mr Jallow, the school has now expanded from 90 children in two classrooms, to over 200 children in five classrooms. Additional classrooms have been built so that the school can continue to expand.

A highlight of their trip was a visit to see Madame Isatou Ndow, Head of the School of Education at The Gambia University in Brikama. They heard how The Gambia is developing teacher training, so we can make sure that the charity is making a contribution in keeping with the work on training teachers overall. Another real highlight of the trip was a meeting with parents, mainly women, from the four villages that use the school. The parents spoke Mandinka so the meeting was conducted through an interpreter. The parents were able to express their appreciation for what the charity is doing to bring qualified teachers to their school, and wondered why we wanted to do it. Steve and Peter were able to explain that our sponsors want to make a difference and also benefit from knowing that they can achieve something for teachers and children. Altogether a really successful trip – it’s less than two years since Steve decided to set up the charity and our four sponsored teachers are making such a difference to this school!