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SAGT in The Gambia – June 2015

SAGT has always had at its heart the importance of Gambian people working to support Gambian people. Therefore, it is very important that as much of SAGT’s work as possible, should be happening in The Gambia. The partnership with the ECDA is one important way this can happen.

SAGT is delighted to welcome Chillen to our team, she is our ‘Boss Lady’ in The Gambia. Chillen administers the work of SAGT in The Gambia, communicating with Lamin at the ECDA and with all the teacher trainees and schools. The success of SAGT means Chillen has plenty to do! SAGT now lists 17 teachers amongst its trainees, some now qualified, in 13 schools across the Western Division. There is already funding for further teachers too … so the future looks good. Chillen plays a very important part in the running of our charity in The Gambia and we are delighted she is there to help us.

All this is down to some very generous sponsors … to whom we are extremely grateful. We at SAGT have the pleasure of seeing what our sponsors’ generosity is doing when we visit The Gambia. Sincere thanks.

Even though SAGT has grown from 2 teachers and 1 school to 17 teachers and 13 schools in 3 years, we are still able to pass every penny that is donated, directly to the people in The Gambia. SAGT does not deduct any money from donations for admin purposes.