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ECDA Committee links – May 2015

SAGT is really pleased to have formed a partnership with the Early Childhood Development Association. Our main contact, Lamin has been instrumental in making the work of SAGT coordinate with the ECDA in The Gambia. The ECDA committee has been selecting students who will be sponsored by SAGT for the academic year 2015 / 16. Our student teachers have to meet criteria that includes being already in a school as well as having the necessary abilities to complete a teacher training course. This involves having a classroom responsibility for the duration of their training and meeting the educational requirements set by The Gambia College.

SAGT is delighted to be sponsoring a further 8 teacher trainees. So a big welcome to Agnes, Raymond, Bernard, Sainabou, Anna, Madiba and Maimuna who are training for the Early Childhood Development (ECD) qualification and Lamin who will be starting the Primary Teacher Certificate (PTC) this year.

The success of this partnership is due to the regular contact between the ECDA and SAGT. Contact with the ECDA committee was made last January when Steve & Sue were in The Gambia. SAGT is, as ever, grateful to Mucki who set up the original meeting and since then it has gone from strength to strength.