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Well here we are at the end of an exciting year for SAGT.

Our partnerships continue to flourish as we increase the number of teachers and schools.

Our work with the ECDA continues to reap rewards as we pursue our aim of Gambian people developing the work of SAGT within The Gambia. This does not compromise our sponsors’ donations because such is the value of our partnership, that we are fully aware of all developments. In part, this is due to the work undertaken by Chillel on behalf of SAGT and the continued interest in SAGT by Mucki, who is a wonderful ambassador for the charity, wherever he goes.

At this moment we are very proud of our sponsors who have enabled us to become involved in 27 schools since 2012. In this time we have supported 39 teachers in their training. If this number is multiplied by the children who have been taught in those schools and the families that have benefited from teacher sponsorship, then the outcome of SAGT’s work is that hundreds of peoples’ lives have been affected by our work. Such is the impact of a teacher. That is the value of sponsorship.

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to all those who have participated in this wonderful journey. It demonstrates that above all else, the goodwill of people rises above all else … and long may it continue in the face of troubled times in the world.

We look forward to 2018 with confidence.

Happy New Year!