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Covid -19 update

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while since the last update but hey what a time has gone on since then!

We are approaching the time when the next cohort of teachers are selected and accepted for sponsorship. The Gambia College then invites applications and the criteria for entry is examined. At the moment, as you would expect, the college is closed. Our teachers are in lockdown even though the number of cases is low in The Gambia.

In our communications with the ECDA we have agreed to offer support to the existing members of SAGT in The Gambia. As it stands at the moment, we have provided food supplies to enable our people to manage some sort of life under lockdown. In partnership with the ECDA we continue to review this situation.

We will update the website when we know how things develop in the next academic year.

SAGT continues to be grateful to our sponsors for their support. We are nothing without you. Together we have enabled 65 teachers to train as teachers, with 26 currently still at college. This represents over 50 schools. We can’t count the number of families, children and villagers who have benefited from your sponsorship. We know there is much to be done but what we have done together is hugely significant and I have had the privilege to see how grateful our Gambian SAGT friends are.  Thank you!